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Why Do I need a rental property Depreciation report?

If you own a rental property, a Property Depreciation Report could potentially save you a significant amount of money yearly. The best thing about this process is, it is relatively simple and requires minimal input from you, the investor.

Feel free to make a call to Summit Quantity Surveyors anytime to discuss your options. We would love to help you open up some hidden tax savings which could improve your cash flow position on your rental property through a write-off. We are more than willing to guide you through every process and if required, explain everything in detail so that you can make the best informed decision on behalf of your investment.

If you rent out a property, you might be entitled to deductions that you can claim as a tax write-off. Summit QS has over 25 years of professional hands-on experience in the preparation of documents pertaining Survey Depreciation Schedules, Capital Allowance Schedules and Rental Property Depreciation Schedules. We pride ourselves on the professionalism, experience and customer care of our team.

In rental property depreciation Summit QS has developed an enviable reputation as an industry leader within Queensland and Interstate . We are very confident that we can maximize your rental property depreciation return and make a meaningful contribution to your investment.

If you are interested in maximizing your return on investment, contact the experts at Summit Quantity Surveyors anytime, for some friendly professional advice.

As an investor, if you are looking to maximize your return on your rental property, don’t overlook your right of claiming back monies owed to you as a result of tax benefits on your depreciable asset.

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Your journey to maximise your cash return

Your journey to maximize your cash return ?

Does your rental property qualify for a depreciation report?
To establish whether your rental property qualifies for a depreciation report, we recommend you give us a call so we may be able to properly advise you. There are several parameters that need to be identified and this is best done personally through a free quote. the last thing we would want to do is put you through the whole process and having to let you know that the requirements have not been met.

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After going through the process, having established you are eligible for a rental depreciation report, we will provide you with further documentation to finalize your request. After this we will capture all relevant information and complete the report as requested.

Claim maximum deductions

After we have completed the report, we make sure to email you a copy to keep on file. Another copy is subsequently directly emailed to your accountant. They will then have this on file for when they prepare your annual tax return. If there is any more information your accountant needs from us, we will be available to answer questions, free of charge.

Claim Maximum Deductions

Once your report is complete we email you a copy to keep on file. We also email a copy to your Accountant so they have your report on file when preparing your annual tax return. We also offer a free lifetime update service whereby if you complete any minor renovations to your property we guarantee to update your report for free.

Our Guarantee to You:

We exercise all our expertise to ensure we maximise your Rental Property Depreciation Report
We will claim every last item that you are legally entitled to claim.
Liaise with your Accountant at no charge if they have any queries.
MAXIMISE your report to ensure the full benefits are unlocked for your investment property

Quite simply at summit QS we persevere  to minimise the expenses of your investment property to legally reduce the amount of tax you pay. 

It’s that simple. 

Save $1000’s of dollars off your taxable income every year with Summit’s legitimate non-cash tax deduction report


Minimise the out of pocket expenses of your investment property and reduce the amount of tax you pay. It’s that simple.

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Our tax deductible fees

Low-rise residential

$ 330-550

Includes all single & double storey dwellings, duplexes & townhouses
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High-rise residential

$ 440-660

Includes all multi-residential properties such as three-storey walkups, mid-rise and high-rise developments
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Renovation Scrapping

$ 330-440

Includes all low-rise residential properties that qualify for scrapping
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Are depreciation schedules tax deductible?

Yes, our fees are fully tax deductable and the cost of the report is fully deductible in the finincial year of expenditure

Who can prepare a tax depreciation schedule?

To be able to claim a tax depreciation deduction a property investor must engage a “suitably qualified professional such as a Quantity Surveyor.” It is important to note that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recognises that Quantity Surveyors as suitably qualified professionals.

Is a depreciation schedule worth it?

Yes! Its worth it. In 25 years of preparing Tax Depreciation Reports we have only encountered a few instances where we have advised the client it not worth getting a report completed. If we don't think it's worth getting a report prepared, we will tell you upfront so not to waste your time and hard earned money.

How do I claim depreciation?

Simply engage a suitably qualified professional like Summit Quantity Surveyors and we will guide you through the entire process. With 25 years of experience, you are in safe hands.

Can my accountant produce a tax depreciation schedule?

No. Accountants, solicitors, real estate agents and property valuers ARE NOT recognised by the ATO as being suitably qualified to prepare Tax Depreciation Reports.

Google Reviews – See what people are saying about Summit QS

Gerrie Swift 


I could not be happier with the service provided by Anthony and would give 6 stars if possible. Desktop Tax Depreciation Schedules make sense with new builds, very reasonable price and no need to schedule onsite visits.
I will be recommending Summit to my current and previous developers to share with their clients.

Michelle Smith 


I used Summit Quantity Surveyors to prepare my depreciation schedule and was really happy with the service. Would recommend to others.

Liz Murphy


Anthony from Summit Quantitve Surveyors looked after us with two of our investment properties and we were extremely pleased with the service we received. Anthony personally completed our reports and they were both completed within a few days of being ordered. Would definitely recommend Summit Quantity Surveyors.


For over 25 years, Summit has earned an enviable reputation as one of the industry leaders in the field of Tax Depreciation and Capital Allowance schedules. Read about us here!


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